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Tomcat is a pretty poisonous insects. These insects live in humid areas. These insects usually live in trees, ponds and bushes. Toxins contained in this insect can cause quite painful effects on the skin and various parts of the human body though not to kill.

Paederus insects there are currently more than 600 species and distribution in all continents except Antarctica. Species in South American countries known by different names such as bicho de Fuego, Pito, Poto or Podo. Various outbreaks of dermatitis associated with Paederus beetle has been reported in southern Turkey, the Amazon, Central Africa, Okinawa, and India. A large family of beetles, there is considerable variation among species.

The attack is said to be a plague Tomcat was just an act to defend themselves from enemy threats. Tomcat is not actually hostile to humans. So, maybe there is a human activity that interferes with the activity of Tomcat. Tomcat is a friend indeed insect farmers because of the kind Paederus useful to repel pests such as leafhoppers.Leafhoppers are insect prey for Tomcat.

In big cities, Tomcat insects normally live in areas that are no trees or plants such as city parks. Tomcat insect species is associated with an increase in poaching activities gecko predator considered as one of the Tomcat that makes the insect population is growing rapidly. In addition the balance of nature disturbed areas due to migration and extreme weather are also the cause of a certain animal populations.
Tomcat does not bite or sting. Tomcat will automatically discharge when in contact or collide with human skin. Gravity, Tomcat will also discharge in objects such as clothes, towels, or other objects. Although not bite, this insect has a poison in the body fluids (except the wings) which hemolim toxin. Hemolim fluids or toxin is referred to as 'paederin': (C24 H43 N O9). Largely confined to the manufacture paederin produced by female insects.
Paederin that causes severe swelling, and cause skin reactions in approximately 24 hours after contact. Patients who are exposed to insect venom Paederin Tomcat will typically experience itching in medical terms is called Dermatitis Paederus.

The clinical manifestations
Paederin this is one of a very strong inflammatory material. Different responses seen in the skin is dependent on, the duration of the exposure concentration, and individual characteristics. In the case of patients who have a history of sensitive skin or allergies and asthma sufferers usually have more severe manifestations. In mild cases, there is usually a slight erythema or redness in the skin that lasts for several days.
In the case of moderate erythema developed into vesicles and bullae, or arising from a small fluid-filled pimples and blisters spread over several days. Further, followed by squamous stage when the blisters dry up more than a week, and then leave patches of hyper-or hypopigmented. In severe cases, in addition to the show redness and blisters more broadly, may show additional symptoms, like fever, neurological pain (neuralgia), bone pain (arthralgia), and vomiting.

Usually, there is little discomfort from dermatitis, from mild to moderate when exposed to the touch. Affected individuals may inadvertently paederin fluid transfer to other areas of the body, such as the genitals or face. If the liquid is exposed to the patient's hand and rubbed his eyes in the area around the eyes it will happen this Genesis conjunctivitis have been reported in eastern Africa that disebit with the term "Nairobi eye".
Insects Tomcat will automatically discharge the event of a collision with a touch of human skin or in person. It could also touch indirectly through towels, clothes or other equipment that is contaminated by toxic tomcat. That is why, if it is exposed to an automatic dermatitis like bed sheets, pillow cases, towels and equipment exposed to the toxin that allegedly tomcat needs to be cleaned.

Prevention and treatment
Avoid direct contact with these animals. Direct contact with animals is tantamount to attach the skin to the poison. Usually the skin will feel the heat followed by the appearance of spots itchy, watery and black marks on the skin. If you want to get rid of it, use paper or blow it, do not hold it by hand. If the skin is exposed to toxins Tomcat immediately washed with soap, do not be smeared with toothpaste, eucalyptus oil, balsam oil, bees, because the result will exacerbate the inflammatory reaction in the skin.
The main initial treatment is to remove irritants and contact with the substance paederin with the washing area with soap and water as clean as possible. Blistered areas should be handled with wet wet winter, followed by a strong topical steroid such as hydrocortisone 1% cream or ointment betametasone other anti-inflammatory.Antibiotics are not necessary when there are no signs of secondary infection.
Giving acyclovir ointment no relevance to this disorder, because acyclovir for diseases caused by viruses. An interesting study conducted in Sierra Leone on 36 patients.Majority or 50% of patients given oral ciprofloxacin in addition to topical steroids.Healing time was statistically more rapidly in patients, which suggests secondary bacterial infection, most likely from Pseudomonas Peaderus.
Do not rub the skin or eyes on contact with the tomcat. Toxins on the skin can infect other areas touched by the hand. Wash your hands before touching other parts of the body. Good environmental hygiene can prevent the insects Tomcat. Remove plants that are not maintained and ensure cleanliness of the park so the animals will not nest there.Tomcat does not enter the house so that it should cover the windows and doors or ventilation tumah with mosquito netting. Tomcat insects usually prefer the bright lights at night. So you should always close the doors and windows, especially at night. Or should turn off the lights at night while sleeping house.

How to cope with and treat the wound because of the poison tomcat

Some features of the affected skin toxins tomcat:
Outer skin itch that is not forever
Redness of the skin arising
Skin will appear blistered from the irritation caused by toxins paederin

Many dangers that caused by these insects includes Tomcat makes a scary animals are disturbing the public. We need to know these insects like it when there is so much light on the encounter if the Tomcat a lot of room in the house as well.

How to cope with attacks Tomcat:
If do not find in the Tomcat serannga at or in the press because of its toxicity to the skin, should be carefully put in plastic
Close the windows and door before turning on the lights because the lights are interested in Tomcat
Use a gauze nets (our language: Kelambau) when Tomcat so much that when we sleep Tomcat can not get to us.
Check the entire room of the house, when it finds Tomcat immediately spray with insecticides

Well, the above is the best way to prevent the toxins we are exposed to Tomcat. If your skin has been exposed to toxins Tomcat here are some ways to treat poison Tomcat:
When exposed to poison Tomcat immediately rinse with soapy water so that toxins are attached to the skin is lost
Do not scratch the skin is exposed to toxins before washing with soapy water because it can spread in other skin areas
Use Hydrocortisone ointment (1%), Acyclovir ointment (5%), Betametasone ointment, antibiotic Neomycin Sulfate three times a day (must be in accordance with doctor's instructions)
Go to the doctor to check for injuries from toxic Tomcat.

"If the skin is exposed to toxins Tomcat immediately washed with soap, do not be smeared with toothpaste, eucalyptus oil, balsam oil, wasps, because it will aggravate the inflammatory reaction in the skin"

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